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HollowState Custom Boutique Amplifiers

Hollowstate Amps is a small boutique guitar amplifier builder following in the footsteps of such legendary names as Leo Fender, Jim Marshall, Ken Fisher, and Alexander Dumble. Like all of these great inovators, my business is founded on quality and an overriding passion for guitar tone.

At Hollowstate we use only propriatary transformers wound for us to our specifications. Our Output Transformers were developed after exhausive experiments and the disassembly of classic transformers made for the Hammond Organ Company, Altec/Peerless, and the Leslie Speaker Company during the golden age of vacuum tube technology. These transformers just sound better than currently available "off the shelf" components.

Every amp coming off the bench at Hollowstate will, like any vacuum tube amplifier, be based on work begun by the pioneers of this technology, but will incorporate inovations, and our own "tone shaping" geared toward today's professional musician. Our current vocus is on lower powered "club amps" that can be mic'd into the PA for those requiring more volume for larger venues.

The currently available lineup consists of just one offering. It is an EL-84 based 18 watt high gain, single chanel amp based on some of the topologies used by the late Ken Fisher of Trainwreck and Komet fame. We will be producing sound clips for the website in the coming months so that you can experience the rich tonal pallete available from this amplifier

Under development, and soon to be announced, is an amp using a pair of 5881 tubes. This design will produce approximately 25 watts and be based on topologies used widely by Leo Fender, Jim Marshall and others in the industry. It will not however, be a copy of any amp built by others. It will instead, have a voice of it's own, and be geared toward the musician looking for a lower gain, cleaner sound with extra headroom.

Keep an eye on our website for further developments and product announcements.




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